Justin Bieber And Halsey Announce What We Knew All Along

Yep, it's confirmed.

If you had a "feeling" that Halsey was teasing a Justin Bieber collaboration recently, you weren't wrong. The singer announced on Wednesday (Oct. 28) that she'll be guesting on Bieber's upcoming Purpose, out Nov. 13, for a song called "The Feeling."

"You don't wanna miss this," Halsey said on JB's Twitter.

As revealed by the album credits, which were made available when the LP went up for presale, other people listed on the album include Nas, Travis Scott and Ed Sheeran. Ariana Grande will be remixing "What Do You Mean." "The Feeling" was produced by Skrillex.

Halsey and Biebs' manager Scooter Braun pretty much gave away the news last week on Twitter, when he suggested that fans wanted a duet between the two singers. And when Halsey acknowledged it? Well, that's when we knew something was up.

Of course, this isn't the first time Halsey and Bieber had been intertwined. Ashley F covered "What Do You Mean" and mashed it up with The Weeknd's "Often." When MTV tweeted about the cover, Bieber hopped on it:

And when Halsey tweeted about how much she loved "What Do You Mean," Bieber hopped on that too! So many clues.

If you remember Justin's lengthy, celeb-infused lead-up to his new single, Halsey was involved with that too.

So, you could say we're not super surprised, but we're entirely too excited.

To make everything better, we got a good laugh when Hals posted an outtake from her announcement. "When ur making a video for @justinbieber and u get nervous and mess everything up," she wrote on Instagram. "#TheFeeling Preorder #purpose y'allllllllll"