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'Phil Of The Future' Arch-Enemies Pim And Candida Are Now BFFs

Pim will need a VP when she becomes Ruler of the World

For years, diabolical Pim Diffy (Amy Bruckner) from Phil of the Future was on the warpath to take over the world. Nothing and no one scared her or held her back — except, for a few episodes, Candida (Spencer Locke), who was basically the Regina George of H.G. Wells Junior/Senior High School. She called Pim "Pimple," while Pim called her a "fashion zombie."

Thankfully, it seems Pim and Candida have managed to finally put their differences behind them. Locke shared a sweet pic of the former Disney stars hugging it out on Instagram Sunday (August 14). "Pim-ple and Candida are friends for life @ameliabruckner 🙆🙆," Locke captioned.

Considering how Candida tried to make "Pim" (who was really Phil in disguise) eat worms, only to have the tables turned on her in that one episode, it's nice to see that "Operation W" didn't stand between them. We'll definitely take them smiling at each other over these expressions any day of the week.


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