Blue Ivy Gave The Only Review Of Rihanna's Grammys Dress That Matters

While there has been a lot of discussion surrounding Rihanna's pouffy, pink Giambattista Valli Grammys dress, Rihanna got the thumbs up from the one person who really matters—Blue Ivy. On Sunday night, the cutest photo in the world of Rihanna and Blue popped up, and we wondered what the two were talking about. Well, we should've figured, it was fashion.

Rihanna shared the photo and gave us the deets on what exactly was going on in the caption, writing, "Blue told me she likes my fluffy dress lol! She was also fully aware that she was in Dior, and not afraid to let ya know ok." Blue may only be three, but she knows a good dress when she sees it, and she's proud to be wearing Dior—we can officially confirm that Blue ~gets it~.

If you don't like this dress, you're gonna have to take it up with Blue (and me).

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