Molyneux: One Acorn Will Grow In 'Fable 2,' Multiple Acorns Unconfirmed

But, for Monday I wanted to provide a couple of tidbits.

This tidbit: confirmation that the promised acorns-will-grow-into-trees feature that didn't make the first "Fable" will be in this year's "Fable 2," but possibly in very limited form.

Multiplayer: When I interviewed you for the New York Times for the first "Fable" you talked about the potential for the dropped acorn that grows into the oak tree...

Peter Molyneux, Founder, Lionhead Studios: Yes.

Multiplayer: ...and got yourself into a bit of issues with that.

Molyneux: [smiling, rolling eyes]… trouble…

Multiplayer: Can you clarify the capacity of acorns growing into trees for "Fable 2"?

Molyneux: I can tell you definitively that there is absolutely an acorn and it does absolutely grow into a tree. And it is actually part of the story now. We decided we got into so much trouble over acorns and trees that we are going to make it part of the main thread of the story in "Fable 2"

Multiplayer: So it will be like the ["Portal"] Companion Cube?

Molyneux: Kind of. I'm not as cool as the Companion Cube.