Nick Offerman Sitting By A Fireplace For 45 Minutes Is Oddly Satisfying

It's exactly like it sounds.

It's been the better part of a year since Ron Swanson became a thing of the past (R.I.P. "Parks and Rec"), but Nick Offerman is still running around charming the pants off of everybody, per usual.

And now, he's got a special holiday treat that'll get you into the spirit of being totally relaxed and maybe a little thirsty for some silly sauce.

As part of Offerman's "My Tales of Whisky" campaign for Lagavulin (Ron Swanson's preferred single-malt scotch which the actor also hearts IRL), a well-bearded Nick Offerman is videoed sitting by a fiery yule log, nursing his precious glass for 45 minutes straight.

Through the vid, he adjusts very little -- a head tilt here, a leg cross there -- but in general, he stays remarkably still the entire time. While that might sound like a terrible idea for a video starring just about anyone else, with Nick, national treasure, it totally works.

In fact, if they went ahead and tacked another 45 minutes of this on top, it could be a full-length feature film that would be 100% more interesting than most of the stuff that hits theaters anymore. No joke.

H/T Entertainment Weekly

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