Harrison Ford Totally Dissed Donald Trump, Despite His ‘Air Force One’ Praise  

He also makes a terrible dad joke.

Harrison Ford got wind of some compliments from a undesirable source this week -- when he heard that Donald Trump was quoted in a recent New York Times story talking about his role in the movie "Air Force One."

Granted, Ford probably deserves the praise: He plays a bad-ass (and painfully sexy) POTUS that single-handedly kills terrorists to protect his family/the United States. However, Ford took issue with Trump saying he loved him because he "stood up for America."

Studio 10

Harrison Ford Shade Face

Not one to support delusional wish-fulfillment talk, Ford got super real when the Australian morning show Studio 10's interviewer asked for his take, turning to the camera to address the wannabe James Marshall directly -- and he basically told him to get off his plane.

“It’s a movie. Donald, it was a movie," he said. "It’s not like this in real life. But how would you know?”


Before executing that sick burn, Ford also lobbed a pretty solid (read: terrible) dad joke, employing the groan-worthy "I misheard you" trope: “Oh, president? I thought it was resident. So he’s not only going to live there, he’s going to run the show? Oh, that not so much. I don’t think so."

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