Sarah McLachlan Wins Songwriting Suit

Judge says Lilith Fair founder does not have to share credit with former collaborator.

A Vancouver, British Columbia, judge ruled Friday (Dec. 10.) that

singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan does not have to share songwriting

credits with onetime collaborator Darryl Neudorf for four tracks

from Touch, her 1988 debut album, her manager said. "It was a total

vindication," said Terry McBride, manager for the Grammy winning singer

who founded the Lilith Fair tour. The case took several years to wend its

way through the Supreme Court of British Columbia in a trial that at one

point featured McLachlan performing in court to demonstrate how particular

songs were created. Neudorf sought to establish co-authorship on "Vox,"

"Steaming," "Strange World" and "Sad Clown." Judge Bruce Cohen ruled that

Neudorf had not established a songwriting agreement with McLachlan,

according to Reuters. Neudorf's lawyer, Jonathan Simkin, did not

return a call for comment.