Mischa Barton Is A 'Crazy Tabloid Girl' In Her TV Comeback

Watch an exclusive clip from tonight's 'Recovery Road.'

Mischa Barton checks in to Springtime Meadows in tonight's episode of Recovery Road as fallen Hollywood starlet Olivia O'Brien, a "former child star turned hot mess turned sober icon turned spectacularly relapsed DUI car-crash headline." That cruel tabloid treatment is something the former star of The O.C. knows all about.

Olivia may also become a foil in Vern's (Daniel Franzese) recovery, as you can see in this exclusive clip of the two fast friends in action:

In "Parties Without Borders," the groundbreaking Freeform drama dives into Vern's troubled past and the cocaine addiction that left the talented dancer and choreographer out of work.

"When he quit cocaine, he lost his mojo and gained a bit of weight, so he started tailspinning," Franzese told MTV News about his character's backstory. "It took his high school friend Cynthia to get him back on the right track."

Cynthia's plan ultimately works. Vern is considered a lifer in the sober house. "He really adopts to the program and knows that it works," the actor said. "He knows that he needs other people for it to work and that other people need him for it to work. He leans heavily on group sobriety.

However, a surprise offer from Olivia may jeopardize Vern's three-year sobriety. "Vern being an artsy, extroverted type of a guy, there's definitely a lot of character in what her character, Olivia, does," he said. "It's definitely tempting for him, maybe a little too tempting."

Usually when a character struggles with addiction, they spiral, but Recovery Road is about recovery -- the ups, downs, and everything in between, including the temptation to go back to you toxic lifestyle.

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