'Grown Ups' Stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock Won't Pick Fights With Vampires

At their red carpet premiere, the comic stars say they're not even trying to compete with 'Eclipse.'

NEW YORK -- It is hard to express just how humid it was under the tent outside the Ziegfeld Theatre on Wednesday evening at the red-carpet premiere of "Grown Ups." Yet, as Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek and the rest of the cast dripped with sweat and made their way through the shouting reporters, they were zinging jokes and having a grand old time. [movie id="419739"]"Grown Ups"[/movie] (in theaters Friday) is a comedy, after all, and everyone was there for a celebration.

It was a celebration in the midst of a summer movie season jam-packed with vampires, werewolves, superheroes and 3-D-assisted blockbusters. Still, Sandler and his crew are not worried about the chances that their flick -- about five childhood friends who meet up with their families for a weekend at their favorite lake house -- can survive at the cinema. They're just going to pick their fights wisely, which means avoiding any sort of throwdown with the "Twilight" folks, whose third movie, "Eclipse," opens next week.

"I don't want no piece of that fight!" Rock told MTV News.

"No, don't even think of that!" added Sandler with a laugh. "We're in a different division."

No, the strategy for the "Grown Up" cast is to stay exactly where they are and let the laugh-seeking audience come to them -- which seems like a savvy strategy, since their movie is projected to gross between $30 and $40 million this weekend.

"We just do our own thing," said co-star Kevin James. "We're in a bubble. We stay in a bubble where it's warm. No, I don't go out into the 'Twilight' world. We don't go near there."

That sentiment was echoed by co-star Rob Schneider. "I don't want to put us against anybody. Our movie stands on its own," he said. "I think the five of us could probably take out Iron Man's ankle. We'll find out his weakness and take advantage of it. All we can control is, 'Did we have a good time, did we make a funny movie and would we want to see it?' "

While the men of "Grown Ups" are doing everything they can to avoid a big-screen brawl with vampires and superheroes, their female cohorts are primed and ready for all comers.

"What's so great about our movie is it's a family film," Maria Bello said. "I know people say that, but this is really kids and men and women and grandparents. It's moving and funny at the same time, and everyone will relate to it."

Added Hayek, "It's so funny. It's so funny!"

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