Severus Snape Wins 'Harry Potter' World Cup!

Complicated professor takes down Harry's best friend Ron Weasley for the title of greatest 'Potter' character ever.

Sixty-four contestants. Four weeks. More than 7 million votes. And now just one wizard is left standing: Potions master Severus Snape has won MTV News' "Harry Potter" World Cup!

As announced during our live stream of the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" red-carpet premiere in New York City, Snape bested Ron Weasley to earn the fan-voted title of the greatest character ever in J.K. Rowling's fantasy series.

And it wasn't even close. Coming off an extraordinary two-match run, in which he smacked down Harry Potter himself and then stormed past Hermione Granger, Snape shot out to an early lead over Weasley and never looked back. Poor Ron -- who eked out a hard-fought victory in round three over his brother Fred and barely squeaked past wizard Sirius Black -- never really had a chance. He may have been the last of the Big Three to stay alive in the Cup, an impressive achievement in its own right, but there was nothing he could do when facing, in Snape, a character on a sizzling winning streak and possessing perhaps the franchise's most complex, satisfying arc.

Snape began the tournament as a dangerous #2 seed in the Privet Drive bracket. He wasted no time absolutely embarrassing Death Eater spawn Vincent Crabbe, walking away with nearly 98 percent of the vote. From there, he wiped the floor with Professor Flitwick and ran over fan favorite Dobby the House Elf. Even Harry Potter himself presented little challenge for Snape, who seemingly could have sleepwalked through his face-off with the boy wizard and still come out on top. That was some seriously impressive stuff. But he didn't stop there, going on to best Hermione in the Final Four with almost 63 percent of the vote.

So let us all applaud Severus Snape for his epic run and staggering victory in the one-and-only "Harry Potter" World Cup. But while we're at it, we must applaud everyone who voted (and voted and voted and voted) in the tournament. The fan response to the event was far greater than we could have ever hoped. You guys took on the challenge with gusto and dedication -- voting and commenting, tweeting and Facebook updating, campaigning and protesting and celebrating. In the end, your favorite character might not have won, but no one can dispute the singular, staggering popularity of "Harry Potter."

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