Miley Cyrus, Bret Michaels Perform 'Every Rose' For 'Good Morning America'

'It's my mom's favorite song,' Cyrus says of the Poison classic.

Miley Cyrus has declared that she [article id="1641608"]Can't Be Tamed,[/article] and neither, apparently, can her devoted fans, who couldn't keep their excitement contained as they stormed Central Park in New York City to see Cyrus perform several songs for her appearance on "Good Morning America" on Friday (June 18). But, it wasn't just Cyrus who got the crowd going, she was also joined by her pal and [article id="1641748"]collaborator Bret Michaels[/article].

Cyrus, who will also perform [article id="1641649"]Can't Be Tamed songs for a concert[/article] being live-streamed by MTV on Monday, addressed some recent criticism she's received for her more mature look and sound. "It's always going to be hard [to grow up in public], because there's so much stuff you have to get through in order to get to the stuff that's real," she explained. "You have to get through all the people that are 'yes' people and get to the people that are real. There are people who are negative just to be that way."

Meanwhile, [article id="1639852"]Michaels gave an update on his health[/article], joking that he just really wanted to hit the stage with Cyrus. "For me and I say this again, I feel blessed because I'm one of the 20 percent [to survive]. It was a scary few days. It's a nice feeling to know I survived," he said. "I figure I'm losing organs so fast, I'd better get out there really quick."

Then Cyrus did her thing. In super-skinny black jeans, a David Bowie T-shirt, a studded leather jacket and a group of writhing backup dancers, Miley kicked off her set with her new single, "Can't Be Tamed." "This record is completely me, completely what I wanted to say," she said about the album's sound. "There's something about the pop rock sound that's fun to perform live."

Then Cyrus slowed it down and was joined by Michaels to perform her cover of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," which she recorded for her new album. Bret not only lent his guitar skills to the track, but he also sang with her on the song. "It's my mom's favorite song, so I got un-grounded by doing this song," she laughed. "I try and put a touch of my family on each of my albums."

Her final song of the morning was her undeniable fan favorite "Party in the USA," during which she changed the lyrics about a Jay-Z song to a "Michael song," perhaps as a nod to the late King of Pop who died a year ago next Friday.

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