Oasis Singer Sits out MTV Unplugged Taping

Hmm, is success finally going to Noel Gallagher's head? Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Oasis performed their MTV Unplugged gig in London last

night (Friday, Aug. 23) to the lucky 402, the two being a sick Oasis lead

singer Liam Gallagher who did not perform due to a sore throat ( at least

that's the official story) and his fiance Patsy Kensit. The lovebirds watched

from the balcony instead. "Liam is not going to be with us tonight. He's got a

sore throat," Oasis mastermind (and big brother) Noel Gallagher told the

audience at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Noel sang all the songs during

the 90 minute performance including one re-take of "Hello." The band didn't

perform anything out of the ordinary, but did include two new songs in their

set. There were no special guests as Addicted To Noise predicted, and even more

surprising, there were few if any famous faces in the audience. In fact, the

only real surprise of the evening was a last minute venue change from the

Roundhouse to the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Either too many people

found about the original venue or it was just a smoke screen all along. At the

end of the band's set, the crowd chanted for Liam to come on stage. He obliged

by strolling on stage, banging the piano a few times with his hand, waving to

the crowd and then strolling off. The concert was recorded for MTV Unplugged,

but it's unclear now if it will make it onto the air. "We are very

disappointed," MTV spokesman Ian Renwick told Reuters. There was some

controversy surrounding the event as many Mancunians (people from Manchester

that is) were upset that they didn't have more of an opportunity to score

tickets to see the band they helped support in the early days of their career.

We understand that most of the tickets won through local newspaper competitions

were distributed in the south of England.

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