Rihanna's Disappearing Instagram Account: The Mystery Deepens

An Instagram rep tells MTV News that they 'briefly disabled' Badgalriri's account.

What exactly is going on with Rihanna's Instagram account? Over the past few days her profile has continued to vanish, then pop up again, leaving fans a little confused. A rep at Instagram confirmed that they did, in fact, temporarily delete the account, but it has since been reinstated on their end.

"On Monday we briefly disabled the account by mistake and restored it quickly," a rep told MTV News. "But I can confirm that we have not deleted the account subsequently."

What gives, then? Rihanna has been having so much fun on Instagram over the past few months, it seems strange that she'd suddenly decide to disable the account. One guess was that it might've had something to do with the topless Liu magazine photo she posted and subsequently removed, but Instagram made no comment on that.