Taxicab Confessions: Can Nilsa Get Gus To 'Give It A Try' On 'MTV Floribama Shore'?

*wink wink*

Remember when Gus ate cheesecake off the floor at a fancy restaurant, and Nilsa was less than impressed? Yeah, neither does Nilsa.

As of tonight's MTV Floribama Shore, the Panama City Beach native seems to only have eyes for Gus and his coif, and let's just say that certainly wasn't the case last summer. Coincidentally, Nilly's new Floribama crush comes right after catching the dreamy 22-year-old make out with two different girls in the span of 48 hours.


"Honestly, I feel like Gus from this summer to last summer is a big change," she confessed. "Gus is like a lover boy. And he is lettin' loose and wantin' to have fun, and it's surprising."

It's no secret that Gus and Nilsa appear to have suddenly swapped roles. While Nilly is seeking something more substantial than a hunch-worthy barrel-chested freedom fighter, Gus is in no hurry to wife anyone up.

Maybe it's the magic of La Vela or Gus' irresistible back thong, but judging from her taxicab bedroom eyes and her query for her roomie to "give it a try," Nilly now wants to the be the one to help him make the most of his time in PCB.


But Gus? He might not be so sure.

"It's just very dangerous to go down that road," he told Jeremiah.

Time will only tell what happens, so keep watching MTV Floribama Shore every Monday at 10/9c to see what's next for these two!

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