The Weeknd Drops Three New Songs After-Hours For 'After Hours'

He's also been revealed to have had the biggest sales week in music this year so far

As huge as After Hours has been so far, The Weeknd has dropped three new love-obsessed tracks that appear on the LP's updated deluxe edition. The timing couldn't be any more perfect following Billboard revealing that After Hours had the biggest sales week of the year so far. More on that later. For now, tune into "Nothing Compares," "Missed You," and "Final Lullaby" — three songs for the romantic in all of us. We didn't say good romantic though. Remember that.

"Nothing Compares"

With a massive dragon of a synth stretching out over the instrumental, "Nothing Compares" might be the strangest love song that you'll ever hear. It rolls and burns with a guitar and handclaps as The Weeknd realizes that the love he has for a partner isn't going to change over time.

It took him a little while to realize this, but now that he does, he'll never go back to taking them for granted. It's par the course for bad lovers everywhere. Where it takes him, and the relationship, from here is a story for a different song.

"Missed You"

Another of The Weeknd's anti-"Heartless" tracks, the Toronto singer's heart bleeds for his ex's affection here. It's funny; as a guy who's dealt with heartbreak, I know how it feels to pound my chest immediately after a situation's over and then realize that, hey, there's actually something remaining inside.

The Weeknd's doleful ballad ends with a happier note than most relationships: his partner inserts a quarter into their arcade game before the continue clock runs out. His cheerfulness is highlighted with one of the tune's last lines. "You never moved on / You were waiting for me all along," he sings.

"Final Lullaby"

Have you ever heard a romantic lullaby? Something that'll put you to sleep, no matter what else is happening in the world. That's definitely on the list of perks that comes with dating a singer.

The Weeknd's giving his lover the sleep of a lifetime with this slumber essential, even if their relationship isn't all sugar and rainbows. "And I hope you find peace / Close your eyes as I put us to sleep," he whispers gently as he rubs her forehead with the back of his index finger. You end up rooting for The Weeknd to make things right by the end of it.

After Hours just took the title for having 2020's biggest week in album sales thanks to 444,000 equivalent units being moved in the United States. That's The Weeknd's highest mark so far and marks one hell of a return following 2018's My Dear Melancholy, EP. Fans are really into this tripped-out, red suit-wearing playboy version of The Weeknd who's absolutely bugged out in videos for "Heartless," "Blinding Lights," and the album's title track.

On March 20, The Weeknd dropped the deluxe edition of After Hours that featured four new remixes and a live recording of "Scared to Love" from a recent SNL performance. Lil Uzi VertChromatics, and French band The Blaze all make appearances.

Listen to The Weeknd's new After Hours tracks up above.