Good Will Pooping: How Matt Damon Inspired That 'Bridesmaids' Scene

Melissa McCarthy went from pooping in a sink in "Bridesmaids" to the Hollywood A-List, co-starring in 2013's first big hit, "Identity Thief." And she owes it all to Matt Damon... Sorta.

That infamous scene in "Bridesmaids" where McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and company are tripping hard while trying on dresses after being hit with food poisoning? Director Paul Feig has revealed the genesis for that bodily-fluids-filled moment. It turns out that Kristen Wiig had a Matt Damon cameo in mind and in an effort to have it make sense, Feig and producer Judd Appatow started kicking around unconventional ideas.

"There was a sequence that Kristen (Wiig) and Annie (Mumolo) had written, which was funny, but it (involved) trying on the dresses, and then Kristen’s character had this fantasy about what would she would do in this dress," Feig said recently, according to Variety. "It was really funny, but it was crazy: It was about running through the woods and suddenly Matt Damon shows up…"

"But tonally, it just didn't fit in the movie." It was Apatow who popped in and suggested they all get food-poisoning, and the conversation continued from there. The resulting scene, of course, became one of the most memorable moments in the R-rated female driven comedy that catapulted the surprise hit to $288.3 million in worldwide box-office. "Bridesmaids" may have come out just a week after Marvel's "Thor," but Feig insisted that there's nothing fantastical, supernatural or unrealistic about his film's raunchiest moment.

"It's a situation that happens. I mean, clearly people have gotten food-poisoning and people try not to s*** their pants all the time," he said. "A lot of women would say afterward that it was really funny, because something similar happened to them."

The director said that the women involved helped shape the realism within that and plenty of other scenes. They would often shoot completely different versions of different moments and then decide later which one would make the final cut.

"Kristen was really nervous about [how to show vomiting] and said, 'Look, we're gonna shoot everything.' And then, in the editing room, we did some where you see a lot of vomiting... It becomes very mathematical. It's like, if you pull the string too hard, it breaks."

Had Jason Bourne really been there, we're sure he could have martial-arted himself out of the way of all of the flying fluids; so long as Melissa didn't have him removed from the set.

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