Justin Bieber Flaunts His Wackiest Moves In New Super Bowl Ad

While wearing a hella handsome tuxedo

After getting suited up for a hockey game last week, Justin Bieber’s now donning his evening best for a goofy Super Bowl commercial.

The singer stars in a new spot for T-Mobile that takes you on a journey through the history of touchdown dances, from the high five and the football spike to the shimmy and the shake. Wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a dapper tux, the self-proclaimed “Celebration Expert” is joined by New England Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski, six-time Pro Bowler Terrell Owens, and one sassy, fleet-footed little girl.

As his Purpose cut “Children” plays in the background, Bieber even shows off his own wackiest moves, including the “Shimmidy Sham Sham Shummidy Shake.” It's as silly and wonderful as you're imagining.

The #UnlimitedMoves spot also comes with its own mini-contest: Fans are being encouraged to share their best dance moves using the hashtag, and JB will pick his faves and retweet them on Monday, February 6. Get movin’, Beliebers!

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