7 Reasons You're A Jerk If You Complain About Being In The Friend Zone

She's just that into being your pal.

So, you're stuck in the friend zone. Why does this always happen to you? Before we get to the answer to that, let's examine the more pressing question: Why are you grumbling about being someone's friend? Spoiler alert: Nice guys don't take it as a personal affront when someone wants to hang out (but not make out) with them.

Here are 7 reasons that you should stop complaining about being "Friend-Zoned," before girls stop wanting to hang out with you at all.

You're making it seem like everything nice you do is an attempt to get in her pants


You know that feeling you get when you realize someone is only being friendly because they're trying to sell you something? That, times 100, is how girls feel when they realize you're only offering to walk them to their car because you're hoping it somehow earns you hook up points. (Heads up: There is no such thing as hook up points.)

You're being mean to someone who is trying to be your friend


So, just so we have this straight: You like her so much that you're annoyed that she just wants to enjoy your company. Kay.

You're implying that all she's good for is hooking up


This may come as a surprise to you, but there are many aspects of her personality that she values and would like people to appreciate. When you act offended that she just wants to be friends, you're basically saying, "None of that matters unless I can get some."

You're acting like she's doing something wrong


Generally, when someone has expressed interest in getting to know you as a person, anger is not a polite response.

You're behaving like an entitled baby


Nobody wants a diaper-person in their social circle. Treat your female friends accordingly.

You're being manipulative


Here's the thing: You cannot trick someone into liking you. Doing her favors or laughing at her jokes because you have an ulterior motive is shady and super unattractive.

You're feeling sorry for the wrong person


Have you become so infatuated with her that you've ironically failed to consider her feelings at all? She's in a position where she may feel guilty about not reciprocating your attraction, or uncomfortable because the person she considered a friend now appears to be someone she's not sure she can trust. Take a breather from the pity party your throwing yourself. Adjust your attitude, and maybe she'll see that you're totally the kind of guy she would set her cute friend up with.

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