Elijah Wood Wants To Know What Your 'Animal Crossing' Turnip Prices Are

He may slide into your DMs for an island invite

Animal Crossing truly is bringing all of us together, one bell at a time.

Perhaps the coolest example of the new Nintendo Switch game's ability to unite everyone across the world is a fun story where actor Elijah Wood made a trip over to a lucky Animal Crossing fan's island and proceeded to sell some of the turnips he had purchased to turn a profit.

It's a common practice to purchase turnips when they're priced low and then head out to another player's island to sell them for a tidy sum. This is a great way of making a ton of money at once, and another excellent way to make some new friends in the community as well.

On Thursday (April 23), Twitter user Jessa (@directedbyrian) received a DM from Wood requesting the information he needed to visit their island. When Wood arrived, he was everything you always hope an Animal Crossing visitor will be.

Not only was Elijah perfectly pleasant when DMing, but he was the perfect Animal Crossing neighbor. If there were ever a model citizen in the world of Animal Crossing, it would be Wood. Don't believe me? Just check out these screenshots.

Elijah made his way over to Jessa's island and not only asked for permission to pick fruit (which has happened to many an unsuspecting player in the past), but complimented Jessa's island, calling it "beautiful." He spread pleasantries everywhere he went, took only what he said he wood, and made the whole exchange a happy one for all involved.

The transaction went quite smoothly between Wood and Jessa, and it was potentially one of the most wholesome interactions we've seen so far in Animal Crossing. It just goes to show that during the global pandemic, even celebrities are looking to this ridiculously popular game to make connections and spread a little positivity to others.