Beyonce Wears Rita Ora's Unreleased Adidas Collection

So how exactly do you know when you have *made it* as a designer? Probably when Beyonce posts pictures of herself wearing several items from your clothing line. If that's the case, then Rita Ora must be feeling pretty great about her Adidas Originals collection right now. Bey wore a crop-top version of Rita's floral tracksuit (gotta show dem abs) and proudly put pics of the outfits on her personal website. Rita's thoughts right now probably look something like this: "OMGGGALSKDJHSLDKFJH."

In fact, we KNOW that's what Rita is thinking. She reposted Bey's shots onto her Instagram (understandably), writing, "My big sis, The queen to you....rocking my first Adidas loves Rita Ora collection!"

She even posted another composite image, this time inserting herself modeling the original tracksuit for a handy little side-by-side comparison. While Rita has a hood, Bey has the matching hat—the floral print is everywhere.


Not pictured on Rita's Instagram: Bey pairing the crop top with some high-waisted jean shorts. We found it hidden on B.'s website, which we obviously troll on the daily. Rita, here's another photo to add to the collection!

You can hear more about the collaboration from Rita herself in the video below—she's even wearing the matching tracksuit. It's like she knew Bey would be a fan.

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