We're Barely Emotionally Equipped To Handle Jamie Lynn Spears' Perfectly Imperfect Love Song, 'How Could I Want More'

Jamie Lynn Spears goes full-on country on "How Could I Want More"

Jamie Lynn Spears is a bona fide country gal in her new single, "How Could I Want More." 

We've always known that Britney Spears' little sis, Jamie Lynn Spears, had country leanings. Aside from being raised in Kentwood, La., just last year Jamie performed "I Look Up To You" (a song inspired by Brit) at Nashville's famed venue 3rd And Lindsley.

Since then, it's been quiet on the Jamie Lynn "solo country artist" front. Until now, that is, because Jamie's just dropped her first official single, a simple and sweet country ditty called "How Could I Want More."

Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears' "How Could I Want More" after the jump.

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, "How Could I Want More" is an unadorned country ballad that features Jamie's strong and sturdy vocals. As the guitar gently strums, Jamie, in an unapologetic country twang, questions how, with such a perfect man (presumably her IRL fiancée of the same name, Jamie Watson), she could ever want anything else: "Treats me like a princess, lets me have it my way/ I could tell he's hanging with every word that I say/All he does is love me, he swears that's what he's here for/ So, how could I want more?/ How could I want more?"

You say he treats you like a princess AND hangs on your every word?! Trust us -- YOU DON'T WANT MORE. Bro is clearly a gem-and-a-half, and we give you ALL the mazels for locking that down.

 + Listen to Jamie Lynn Spears' "How Could I Want More."

Photo credit: Jamie Lynn Spears