A Fresh Look At ‘Life On Mars?’ Shows A Brighter Side Of David Bowie

A bolder glimpse of the Starman thanks to a 2016 spruce-up

As if you needed another reason to take five minutes out of your day to celebrate the genius of David Bowie.

Renowned rock photographer and director Mick Rock has dusted off the film from Bowie's 1973 original video for “Life on Mars?” — which has the Starman sporting a powder blue suit and vivid makeup as he struts his way through the track — and touched it up.

The changes aren’t drastic, in that the video is very much a new-and-improved version of the classic; on the occasion of Parlophone’s release of Bowie - Legacy, a collection of the Thin White Duke’s most beloved singles, Rock jumped at the opportunity to revisit one of his legendary works.

“I had a little gem and I wanted to polish it into a state where it was absolutely perfect,” Rock tells The Guardian of the “Life on Mars?” edit. “I had the black and white segments, and when I came across that very last bit after the music stopped, I thought it was a little gift, so I made it into an epilogue. People like the original video, but I think this version takes it to another level. The scenes really add a new flavor for it. I’m really happy with it, and I’m interested to see what the fans make of it.”

Bowie - Legacy drops November 11.