Khalid Is The Relationship Guru Of Gen Z On 'Know Your Worth'

The Disclosure-produced single might cause some problems ahead of Valentine's Day

Khalid absolutely melted into Disclosure's pop-funk vortex, "Talk," in 2019, so it's thrilling news to see, and hear, that he's returned to the brotherly duo's fresh sound with "Know Your Worth." This isn't a retread though. It's a summery, temperate-climate tune that's here to take over amusement park commercials this year.

Endlessly imaginative, ostensible electronic duo Disclosure fold aspects of pop, R&B, groove, and funk into their techno origins, captivating with original production that sounds amazing with backing vocals, but could also live without them. It's great for them that Khalid's on this one, though. "Know Your Worth"'s jubilant atmosphere is both bouncy and festive as it encourages your shoulders to roll and the ends of your lips to curve into a cheesy grin.

Khalid, the romantic, takes this happy, three-minute romp to woo a woman in a relationship who isn't getting enough attention from her partner. That sly devil. He plays an innocent, whipped lad, dancing up to a dejected damsel to let her know that things get better – if she leaves her bozo. "Find someone you know will put you first / Find someone who loves you at your worst," he carols innocently. Who's this much better partner? Well, let's just say that Khalid has an idea. "So you've got your love locked up instead / But somethin' better's waitin' at your door." Is he talking about himself? Or the person that every partner has in a relationship that's waiting outside of the situation to be let in when the time's right?

As we get closer to Valentine's Day, it's imperative to realize that your partner deserves the utmost attention, and respect, that can be given. If that's not the case in your situation, Khalid wants you to realize that you, or your partner, deserve better. "Know Your Worth," isn't just an awesomely flirty tune for our hotter months; it's a reminder, promise, and preview of the kind of affection that we all need.

"Know Your Worth" is the latest of Khalid's recent lovestruck releases. He released the shoot-your-shot anthem "Eleven" in January and, before that, "Up All Night" dropped in November.

Check out Khalid and Disclosure's cheery new Pre-Valentines Day bop "Know Your Worth" up above.