Drake Bell Reunites With 'Drake & Josh'’s Dying British Orphan In New Movie

And totally hits on her

Drake Bell's newest film finds him reuniting with a Drake & Josh co-star, but their interaction might just ruin your childhood.

Remember the "Dying British Orphan" from the beloved "Foam Finger" episode? Actress Sammi Hanratty was super young then, playing a character who knew Drake and Josh when they were 8 years old. Fast forward 12 years later, Bell and Hanratty are working with each other again in Bad Kids of Crestview Academy — this time actually acting in scenes together — but the setup's a tad unsettling for die-hard Drake & Josh fans.

When Bell promoted the new film, a sequel to Bad Kids Go to Hell, on KTLA recently, he revealed that his character had to put the moves on his former co-star.

"I have to hit on her very, very hard," Bell confessed. "But I've known her since she was 7. ... This is so weird." Check out the awkward admission in the video below.

Hanratty also participated in the "Where's Walter?" trend that Bell started just before the New Year, making a video — as her Drake & Josh character — telling him she's keeping her eye out for his missing dad.

Naturally, the KTLA team asked Bell about all this "Where's Walter?" business. He didn't reveal much, but did tease, "I don't know what may come of this, but we're just playing around." Please don't toy with our emotions, Drake.