MC5 Compilation Due In February

The Big Bang! A Best of the MC5 will feature live and studio songs.

A compilation of tracks from pioneering Detroit proto-punk band the

MC5 will be released Feb. 15. The 21-track CD, The Big Bang!

A Best of the MC5, will feature songs from all three of the short-lived

band's albums, including live and studio recordings, as well as out-of-print

tracks and an uncensored version of the band's signature hit, "Kick Out

the Jams." Among the songs on the set will be "I Can Only Give You Everything,"

"Looking at You" and "I Just Don't Know," all unavailable since their

release 30 years ago. Also included will be a 1972 live performance of

"Thunder Express." The album was produced by the group's former guitarist,

Wayne Kramer.