Anne Hathaway Reveals Best And Worst Of Catwoman Costume Design

'Everyone's attitude was, 'Become the character physically,' and then that's the way the suit is meant to look,' actress tells MTV News.

The buzz surrounding "The Dark Knight Rises" has been strong and loud ever since the film was greenlit. Any new information regarding the film's castmembers or plot details has been met with the most dedicated and sensational Internet speculation, particularly that first photo of Anne Hathaway in action- more importantly in costume- as Catwoman.

Now, despite the countless blog posts and over-analysis said cat suit inspired, Hathaway hasn't been able to say much about it, until now. MTV News recently caught up with her during the "Dark Knight Rises" press day, during which we discussed the best and worst aspects about having to squeeze into the iconic outfit everyday.

"The best? I'm in 'Batman,' " Hathaway said with a laugh. "That was the best. The worst, it doesn't matter; I'm in 'Batman.' Like, this is not the sort of job where you nitpick or find things to complain about," she continued. "I was as happy as I've been on anything on this one, it was 'Count your lucky stars every single day.' "

When asked what advice Hathaway had for other actors or actresses facing a similarly snug-fitting ensemble, she recommended that you try to forget about everyone's expectations and make it your own.

"Work with people you trust and they'll take care of you , don't try to please anyone with it," she said. "Because I think if I had been forced to fit a certain ideal I wouldn't have been able to do it. But everyone's attitude was, 'Become the character physically,' and then that's the way the suit is meant to look."

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