Exclusive: Weezer Planning 'Blue,' 'Pinkerton' Tour

Each city will host two shows, with each show spotlighting one of band's first two albums.

[artist id="440"]Weezer[/artist] have been on quite the nostalgia kick as of late: The first single off their [article id="1645570"]forthcoming album, Hurley,[/article] is a winsome slab of rock remembrance called "Memories," and earlier this week, they thrilled fans with notions of [article id="1645993"]a full-blown Pinkerton tour[/article], where they'd play the now-classic album in its entirety.

From the sound of things, they're not stopping there. On Thursday (August 19), when MTV News visited the set of the "Memories" video in Sun Valley, California, frontman Rivers Cuomo filled us in -- exclusively -- on the band's plans to stretch the Pinkerton tour into a two-nights-per-city affair ... one that takes fans all the way back to Weezer's humble Blue album beginnings.

"We have this really exciting idea to do a tour where we spend two nights in each city, and the first night, we play the entire Blue album, and the second night, we play the entirety of Pinkerton," Cuomo said. "We're just running it by promoters right now to see if there's sufficient interest in the markets to do something like that, and if they're on board, it's gonna happen."

And though the two-night Blinkerton tour (we just made that up right now, btw) is still just an idea, it's safe to say Weezer fans would probably be rather psyched to witness the band playing their first two albums, back-to-back. And as Cuomo pointed out, those same fans can actually help the tour become a reality.

"The fan response has been incredible so far for the idea," he said.

"And, if they want to, they can contact their local promoter and tell them to make it happen."

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your e-mailing. A spokesperson for Weezer would only tell MTV News that he knew as much as the band and there's still no start date for the proposed tour. But drummer Pat Wilson echoed Cuomo's sentiments, and made it sound like this was really going to happen ... provided, of course, the math works out.

"Yeah, it would probably be a Blue/Pinkerton tour," he said. "It's an idea, we're still examining the mathematics of everything, looking at the logistics and schedules ... you know."

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