New Ani DiFranco Disc Due In November

Punk-folkie Ani DiFranco will release her third studio album of

the year, Armed to the Teeth, Nov. 16. The release follows on the

heels of Fellow Workers, DiFranco's second collaboration with

folkie Utah Phillips, and her early-1999 solo album, Up Up Up

Up Up Up. Former James Brown/George Clinton sax player

Maceo Parker appears on several tracks on the upcoming album, and

The Artist, formerly Prince, sits in on the song "Providence."

The 13-track album also will feature the songs "Soft Shoulder," "Freakshow,"

"Wish I May," "Going Once," "To the Teeth," "Hello Birmingham," "Back

Back Back," "Swing," "Carry You Around," "Cloud Blood," "The Arrivals

Gate" and "I Know This Bar."