Ani DiFranco To Introduce New Songs On Upcoming U.S. Tour

Singer/songwriter's 12-date October swing to feature material from still-unscheduled next album.

Iconoclastic singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco will debut songs from her upcoming album during a 12-date U.S. tour in October, according to her record label, Righteous Babe.

No release date or title is available yet for the album.

DiFranco's fall tour will begin Oct. 1 at the Bushnell Theatre in Hartford, Conn. From there, it will stop in the artist's home state, New York, for three shows, according to an itinerary provided by Righteous Babe.

The jaunt is scheduled to end Oct. 25 in Bloomington, Ind., but more dates may be added soon.

DiFranco's last release, Up Up Up Up Up Up, which includes the track "Jukebox" (RealAudio excerpt), was released in January. At the time, the resolutely independent artist said that the album, her 12th, reflected a change in her musical direction.

"My sound in the beginning was very folk-oriented," she said. "Finger-picking and singing verse-chorus-verse. And I think that my mind is just starting to go in its own new, little directions. And it'd be hard for me to describe those verbally, but I think they're evidenced on the new record."

Ani DiFranco U.S. Tour Dates:

Oct. 1; Hartford, Conn.; Bushnell Theatre

Oct. 2; Binghamton, N.Y.; Broome County Arena

Oct. 3; Albany, N.Y.; Palace Theatre

Oct. 4; Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Oct. 6; Washington, D.C.; 9:30 Club

Oct. 7; Norfolk, Va.; Boathouse

Oct. 8; Asheville, N.C.; Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Oct. 9; Raleigh; N.C.; Ritz

Oct. 11; Atlanta, Ga.; Tabernacle

Oct. 14; New Orleans, La.; Tulane University

Oct. 22; Milwaukee, Wis.; Eagles Ballroom

Oct. 25; Bloomington; Ind.; Indiana University Auditorium