Old 97's' Rhett Miller

"Everybody's got an opinion. Here and there people will say, 'I don't like this song,' and I'll take it way too personally. But there's a guy, a friend of ours, who's in a band called Moon Festival out of Dallas — actually I think they just broke up — who's pretty smart, and shoots pretty straight. He said that he thought we made the best record a Dallas band had ever put out. It isn't the broadest compliment, but it's kind of nice to know, because there's really not much difference between a local band and a band on a major label that's putting out records internationally. I mean, there's still four people sitting around making music and catering to their own whims. So it's nice to have someone say you're still a Dallas band and you should still be held accountable to the standards of a local band, and given that, that this record could be a great thing." — Rhett Miller, Old 97's singer on their new album, Fight Songs