R.E.M.'s Buck Guests On Robyn Hitchcock Disc

Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Buck, Grant Lee Phillips, Kurt Bloch, Doug McCombs, Mary Hansen, Cypress Hill, OtherStarPeople, Eminem, Michael Jackson...

British cult-folkie Robyn Hitchcock's new album, Jewels for

Sophia (July 20), features guest spots from R.E.M. guitarist

Peter Buck on the songs "Viva! Sea-Tac," "Elizabeth Jade" and the

title track; it also includes Grant Lee Phillips of folk-rockers

Grant Lee Buffalo on the songs "I Feel Beautiful" and "Antwoman."

Kurt Bloch, leader of Seattle punk band the Fastbacks -- and

Kimberley Rew, Hitchcock's former bandmate in the psychedelic-pop

band the Soft Boys -- appear on the song "Sally Was a Legend."