Pennywise's Jim Lindberg

"The whole gun-control issue is something that has to be looked at. ...

Around [the time of] the shootings, you're gonna have all these people

starting to lend support to the gun-control issue, but soon enough it

will go away and we'll just wait for the next tragedy to happen. ... It's

up to people to get pissed off enough to say we're not going to take it

anymore and start to change these laws. ... I think there needs to be stricter

laws for any time you fire a gun, for any reason other than self-defense.

It should just be a maximum term and that goes to the whole justice

system, the whole penal system. Out here ... jail isn't a deterrent

anymore. ... No one's afraid to go to jail anymore. You go do your time

and you'll probably get off in a few years. ... It's gotta go to a point

where people realize, if I shoot this gun for any reason other than to

defend myself, I'm gonna go to jail for 20 years' hard labor, and it's

not going to be fun for me, it's not going to be cool. They have to make

the punishment fit the crime. Then I think you'll see some changes." -- Jim Lindberg, Pennywise singer

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