Orbital, Crystal Method Tour May Launch Annual Electronica Event

Triple bill, which also features Lo Fidelity Allstars, will be called Community Service.

The electronica triple bill of Orbital, Crystal Method and the Lo Fidelity Allstars hits the road in July as the Community Service Tour and may become an annual event, organizers say.

The outing, which Orbital's Phil Hartnoll recently said will be staged more like a rock concert than a traditional DJ show, will begin July 4 in Chicago and end July 24 in Long Beach, Calif. In between, it will hit theaters and similar-sized indoor venues in the East, Midwest and South.

"We didn't want to get involved with the rave thing," Hartnoll said in April. "We just wanted it to be a gig where you didn't have to be 16 and you didn't have to stay up all night."

"Electronic music needs a tour like this," Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland said in a statement in which organizers announced they're considering making the Community Service Tour a yearly event, with different electronic acts each time.

Orbital -- whose fifth studio album, The Middle of Nowhere, was released in March in the UK and is due in June in the U.S. -- are credited with being the first British electronica group to make a significant impact as a live act. The Middle of Nowhere includes the single "Style" (RealAudio excerpt).

"Orbital was the first electronic band Scott [Kirkland] and I ever saw perform live," Crystal Method's Ken Jordan said in the statement.

Los Angeles' Crystal Method is best known for their collaboration with the rock band Filter on "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" from the soundtrack to "Spawn."

The Lo Fidelity Allstars' debut album, How to Operate With a Blown Mind (RealAudio excerpt of title track), has been praised by critics for its mix of live instruments and vocals with hip-hop and dance beats and samples.

An official Community Service Tour website (www.crystalmethod.com) will feature

in-depth tour information, organizers said.

Community Service Tour Dates:

July 4; Chicago, Ill., Chicago Congress Theatre

July 6; Detroit, Mich., Detroit State Theater

July 7; Cleveland, Ohio, to be announced

July 8; Pittsburgh, Pa., The Crane

July 9; New York, N.Y., Hammerstein Ballroom

July 10; Worcester, Mass., The Palladium

July 11; Philadelphia, Pa., Electric Factory

July 13; Jacksonville, Fla., to be announced

July 14; Atlanta, Ga., The Tabernacle

July 15; New Orleans, La., to be announced

July 16; Austin, Texas, Austin Music Hall

July 17; Tulsa, Okla., The Brady Theater

July 20; Phoenix, Ariz., to be announced

July 21; San Diego, Calif., to be announced

July 22; Las Vegas, Nev., to be announced

July 24; Long Beach, Calif., Long Beach Convention Center