Blondie's Deborah Harry

"[Hip-hop] was such a fresh idea and it really was a break from the tradition of black R&B.

The subject matter for black music, for the most part, was always about love; it wasn't

about social issues. And I really felt like hip-hop was akin to the folk music of the '60s

and they were talking about things, they were talking about stuff. I really

thought that was very, very hip, very, very important and smart the way it was done. It was

exciting and it was something [where] anybody who had something to say could get up

and say it because you didn't need a lot of technical equipment. You could have a

turntable; you could not have a turntable. You could just do it. And I thought all of those

elements combined were really valuable." -- Deborah Harry, Blondie singer