Edie Brickell

Though Edie Brickell has in recent years concentrated on raising her children with the

legendary singer/songwriter Paul Simon, her recording career is still active. She

recorded an unreleased album with a band called the Slip last year and now is

reportedly working on an LP with the New Bohemians, with whom she achieved success

in the '80s.

Brickell was born 33 years ago today in Dallas. While attending that city's Southern

Methodist University, she joined the New Bohemians onstage for an impromptu


Brickell told Parade magazine about that first gig: "There was hardly anybody in

this tiny little club, not a big crowd, and it was toward closing. If there had been a crowd,

not even a shot of Jack Daniel's would have gotten me up there."

Brickell became a permanent member of the New Bohemians, with whom she began

writing folk/rock songs. The band, which included bassist Brad Houser, guitarists Wes

Burt-Martin and Kenny Withrow and drummer Matt Chamberlain (the Wallflowers, Fiona

Apple), recorded its debut album in Wales.

The LP, Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, was a critical and commercial

smash, yielding the top 10 hit "What I Am"

(RealAudio excerpt).

With her wholesome good looks, knack for writing catchy songs and soft, intimate singing

style, Brickell seemed destined for stardom. But Ghost of a Dog (1990), featuring

"Mama Help Me" and the title track, received mixed reviews and little airplay. Following

the LP's lackluster showing, the New Bohemians quietly disbanded.

Brickell then met Simon (whom she married in 1992) and put her own career on hold.

She had two children and remained out of the limelight. In 1994, Brickell emerged with

the solo album, Picture Perfect Morning. Songs such as the single "Tomorrow

Comes" and "In the Bath" were similar to Brickell's folksy work with the New Bohemians.

The CD -- which was produced by Simon and his longtime producer, Roy Halee -- also

included appearances by Barry White, Dr. John, Art and Cyril Neville and Michael


Picture Perfect Morning was fairly well received, though some critics complained

about Simon's influence. Despite some airplay for "Tomorrow Comes," the album was

not a big seller.

In ensuing years, Brickell has worked with the Slip (with whom she performed a few

gigs) and continues to maintain a low profile. Geffen Records shelved an LP recorded

by the Slip. According to the Edie Brickell Archive website

(http://www.bodyofwater.com/edie), Brickell and the New Bohemians are working on

tracks for a possible album.

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