Sepultura Hot For March Metal Meltdown

Brazilian quartet joins more than 100 metal bands in fest that marries music, wrestling and porn stars.

Heavy-metal fans wondering whether they'll ever be able to check out their favorite bands, watch pro wrestling and witness porn stars in person -- all in one place -- have just hit the jackpot.

The first annual March Metal Meltdown, set for March 12 and 13 in Asbury Park, N.J., is designed to satisfy each of their cravings in one fell swoop. The Meltdown is offering up just such a mixture of sound, sport and sex stars. But fans aren't the only ones eager to catch the show.

"Paulo, our bass player, is really into the porn industry and knows some people in it," said guitarist Andreas Kisser, 34, of show headliners Sepultura. "He has a huge collection of tapes and magazines. I think he will enjoy that."

Promoter Jack Koshick, who has been behind the music-only Milwaukee Metal Fest since its inception in 1987, said he hoped the atmosphere will be relaxed when such bands as Napalm Death, Meshuggah, Dying Fetus, Spineshank, One Minute Silence, Impaler and Dead By Morning descend on the seaside town.

More than 100 bands are booked for the event, which will offer shows and wrestling matches in two venues -- the Paramount Theater and Convention Hall -- along with exhibition booths in the outdoor area between them.

The music kicks off Friday afternoon with shows by 15 to 20 bands; wrestling matches begin that evening.

Adult film star Jasmin St. Claire will serve as master of ceremonies for the show; her porn star pals Brittany O'Connell, Tera Heart and Micky Lynn also are set to make appearances.

St. Claire, 26, a veteran of such hard-core flicks as "Acid Sex," "The Pornographer," "Suitcase Pimp" and "Punk Ass," said she's a lifelong metal fan.

"I'm flattered at the opportunity to host. The highlight for me is the music. I'm psyched to meet my fans, but I'm mostly drawn in by the music," St. Claire said. "I grew up loving heavy metal. I liked Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Slayer. Hopefully I end up marrying a rock star."

St. Claire added that she hopes to meet her personal heroes Sepultura at the event.

Sepultura have been touring in support of their 1998 LP Against -- a disc that includes the songs

"Floaters in Mud"

(RealAudio excerpt) and


(RealAudio excerpt). The outing -- which has found the Brazilian quartet on the road in Europe with metal band Slayer last summer and, more recently, winding through the U.S. -- is its first since the 1997 departure of founding member and former singer Max Cavalera. Cavalera has since gone on to form fellow metal act Soulfly.

Kisser said the transition has been smooth and the faithful have quickly warmed to new singer Derrick Green's style.

"Definitely it's a little different. It would be very foolish [for us] to copy our old sounds. ... It's like a new phase, a new beginning, with a new personality and a new influence," Kisser said. "It's really exciting right now, and the fans really enjoy what Derrick is doing."

As for the wrestling side of the Metal Meltdown, key showdowns include "Latin Oragon" Julio Sanchez versus "Super Bad" Steve Bradley and Giant Silva versus Dr. Tom Pritchard.

But don't expect to see Sepultura ringside.

"We don't follow that s--- too much. Igor [drummer Cavalera] and Paulo are more interested in jujitsu and ultimate fighting," Kisser said. "Wrestling is not too popular with us."