Fresh Phish, Morphine On Soundtrack

The soundtrack to "Condo Painting," a feature film that explores the life of New York City artist George Condo, features unreleased tracks by such artists as improvisational rockers Phish ("What's the Use?"), jazzy minimalist trio Morphine ("Smoking With Birds in the Park"), rock singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield ("Harder and Deeper"), avant-garde composer Phillip Glass ("Compassion in Exile"), Latin-jazz artist Joey Altruda ("Mr. Lucky"), art-rockers the Residents ("Booker Tease"), country-blues singer Kelly Joe Phelps ("Tom Dooley," "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues") and multi-instrumentalist Ken Hale ("Court of the Crimson King"). The album, which hit stores Dec. 8, also features tracks by noise-rockers Sonic Youth ("Radio-Amatoroj"), Indian-flavored Brit-poppers Cornershop ('We're in Your Corner"), blues singer/pianist Tom Waits ("Black Wings"), and prog-rock veterans King Crimson ("Court of the Crimson King").