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Nicki Minaj Explains Why That Giant Ring Doesn't Mean She's Engaged

The rapper sat down for a candid interview with Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj appeared on The Ellen Show yesterday (April 6) to talk about the giant ring she’s been flashing — and why it doesn’t mean an engagement is on the horizon.

Ellen DeGeneres noted that Minaj wasn’t wearing her diamond ring on the show, to which the rapper responded that it wasn’t an engagement ring to begin with. She’s not engaged; in fact, she doesn’t even like to say that she’s in a relationship anymore.

That doesn’t mean there are problems between Minaj and partner Meek Mill. It just means that whatever happens between them is their business alone.

“I have two rings from this boy that likes me,” said Minaj, who didn’t refer to Mill by name. “He said that that’s my second ring, and if I get a third ring, that would be the engagement ring."

She also noted that gossip and speculation has made her more reluctant to even call what she has with Mill a relationship: “We’re still figuring each other out. I don’t even want to say I’m in a relationship anymore, because I think when people hear that, they go to the mean place."

One recent instance stood out: "Valentine’s Day passed, and I didn’t put up my Valentine’s Day gift on Instagram. People said, 'They're not together.' We were getting anonymous messages saying, 'Yeah, she wasn't with him and she was crying all day.’ Meanwhile, we were really in bed all day on Valentine's Day."

"I read this story that we weren’t together on Valentine’s Day, and it just made me realize that no matter what, no matter how great your life is, you can’t impress people,” Minaj continued. "You just have to do you and make yourself happy and forget about trying to get everyone's approval. It's better just to keep those things sacred. So, now, I don't really care to say I'm in a relationship or I'm engaged or whatever. There's a boy that likes me. That's all."

As for where things are headed with that boy, Minaj is just going to take things as they come. "He and I are just two souls passing through the universe, and I don’t know what’s going to happen," she said. "I just have learned over the years to just let things be, and come and go as they’re going to come and go."