Lil' Kim's Music Called "Filth" By Conservative Activist

Maybe someone should just give C. Delores Tucker a copy of The Sound of Music.

Time Warner was once again in the firing line this past

Thursday for distributing recordings by female rapper Lil' Kim. At the media

companies annual stockholders meeting in New York, conservative political

activist C. DeLores Tucker, who owns a small amount of Time Warner stock,

railed against the company. "Shame on our family, Time Warner, for producing

this filth," said Tucker, who is chairwoman of the National Congress of Black

Political Women. Tucker read from lyrics that appear on Kim's latest album,


Tucker said that Kim's lyrics have contributed to the

"moral corruption" of black men and women, according to a New York Times

report. Tucker didn't say whether or not the lyrics have also contributed to

the "moral corruption" of all of Kim's many non-black male and female


While defending Time Warner as a company that must balance the impact

of the recordings it sells with the effect on freedom of expression that

censoring certain artists would have, Time Warner chairman and chief executive

Gerald M. Levin lashed out at Tucker. "The ticket of admission [to the

shareholder's meeting] does not give you the right to demean me, or my


In 1995, following high profile criticism by Tucker and former

Secretary of Education William J. Bennett, Time Warner sold its 50% interest in

Interscope Records, the label known for selling and distributing albums by

gangsta rappers and hard rock acts including Snoop Doggy Dogg and Marilyn

Manson. Interscope was subsequently acquired by the Seagram Company's MCA Inc.