Metallica To MTV Europe: "Fuck Off"

Not happy campers.

Metallica have one thing to say to the folks who organized this year's MTV

Europe Awards: "Fuck off."

It seems the band's performance of a cover of

the Anti-Nowhere League's "So What?", which contains a few of George Carlin's

famous "things you can't say on TV," on the November 14 broadcast, didn't sit

well with the MTV Europe folks, so they edited the performance, and all

references to the band out of all future broadcasts of the show.


to a statement released by Elektra Entertainment, the company Metallica record

for: "The flak centered around two impromptu songs Metallica unleashed on the

audience at London's Alexandria Palace," including the ANL song and a cover of

The Misfits' "Last Caress."

Singer James Hetfield responded...


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