Smashing Pumpkins Get Strange In Chicago

Mr. Corgan keeps us guessing. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The Smashing Pumpkins turned in a strong performance Sunday,

finishing off their home-town stay on this tour. However, the show ended on a

cryptic note. After their third encore, the extended 'Silverfuck' jam, Billy

Corgan took a moment to reflect on the tour. "This is the tour we thought would

never end," he said to the sold-out crowd at the Rosemont Horizon. He went on

to praise the band for holding together despite the "irresponsible actions of

two of our friends who shall remain nameless," referring of course to former

drummer Jimmy Chamberlin who was fired after the drug-related death of Pumpkin

keyboardist, Jonathan Melvoin.

What followed was what Corgan dubbed the

"final communiqué from the Infinite Express." "We are murder, mayhem, malicious

malcontents... misguided and misunderstood. This is the last glimpses and

shines of what we started here in Chicago, nine years ago. Everything that

follows from here is a different trip." He then had the house lights brought up

so that everyone could share in the "special" moment before continuing: "Nine

years ago we never dreamed we could play to this many people... No matter what

happens, we shared this time together. It was special. It was great... We send

you a message of love, trust, compassion and grace."

Then as they were

walking off stage, D'Arcy stopped Corgan...

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