Rick Ross Explains The Difference Between A 'Hood' Billionaire And A Regular Billionaire

It isn't all about the money.

Rick Ross is definitely focused on his money, but when it comes to his upcoming November 24 LP, Hood Billionaire, the large and lavish boss promises that it isn't all dollars and sense.

Actually Ross doesn't judge his fellow hood billionaires by their bank accounts, but by their aspirations.

"To me, it's just a sign of being ambitious," Rozay explained to MTV News. "To me a hood billionaire is someone that could do for you and yours. It's not how much paper you got that make you a hood billionaire, nah you just wanted to get up and go do that today and you were able to do that.

Rozay is able to do a ton of that. The Maybach Music boss is no stranger to fancy jewelry, luxurious cars, mansions and million-dollar endorsements, but some things are more important than money.

"[If] you was able to take little man to a basketball game or little man to a baseball game. To me, that's hood billionaire," he said. "I ain't never went to a [Miami] Dolphins game as a child, so Hood Billionaire for me is someone that just wants to see their people come through."

Seeing their people through is something that Ross knows plenty about, he's already helped artists like Wale, Meek Mill and Stalley carve out careers for themselves and on November 12, Rozay invaded MTV News in an attempt to make our work day a little better when he took over as our Bawse for a day.

Thanks Rozay, we feel richer already.