The ATN Album File: Reservoir

Well, it's not the darkest album cover ever released. That honor goes to

Reservoir, Reservoir (Zero


When I first got this disc in the mail a couple of months ago, I had

no idea what to expect. The single-paged press release spouted on about

conspiracy theories, international drug cartels, and the effects of too much

TV. With all the music composed and performed by Jud Ehrbar--presumably the

teenage-looking boy on the front of the album--on an assortment of synths and

drum machines, I was prepared for a stoner's playpen. Instead, Reservoir is

oddly enchanting; in the many moons since I first popped Ehrbar1s creation in

my CD player, I1ve continually become lost in his synth drones and oh-so-slow

musical experimentation. Call it Buddhist monks meet techno. Call it the

product of a bored mind. Whatever it is, it1s worth checking out.