The ATN Singles File: Guided By Voices/ Radiant Storm King

Cover art.

Guided by Voices/New Radiant Storm Kings, "The Opposing

Engineer Sleeps Alone"/"I Am A Scientist" (Chunk Records)


intriguing combo 7", although not nearly as interesting as the

Tortoise/Stereolab effort reviewed here last week. GBV's offering, presumably

one of the tracks that never made it to Under the Bushes, Under the

Stars is all-too reminiscent of that album's most insidious qualities:

catchy tune but nothing special, so-so lyrics, long endings instead of quick

descents. And New Radiant Storm King's cover of "I Am A Scientist," a great

song off of GBV's Bee Thousand is yet another example of the

exactly-the-same-but-worse cover disease that grips bands like the