The ATN Singles File: Trollin WIthdrawl

Cover art from Trollin Withdrawal single.

Trollin Withdrawal, "Emil Eye"

(Erroneous Records)

With the members of Trollin Withdrawal gathering forces

with a variety of Boston scenester luminaries‹the irrepressible Morgan Andrews,

the artistically tempermented P. Shaw, and local indie conscience Pete

Rojas‹Trollin Withdrawal has put out another amazing single. Combining elements

of GBV, Beck, Doo Rag, and Chris Knox, but undoubtedly weirder than any single

one of them, Trollin Withdrawl combines incredible, seemingly tossed-off lyrics

to a perverted, folksy beat. How else to describe "Pretty Ugly," in which

Non-Robot sings about such subject matter as crack babies and nuclear war with

equal amounts of horror as when describing familial pressure or a first kiss?

Or a band actually silly enough to record tossed-off arguments, and, yes,

gratuitous burping? One of my favorite singles at the moment.