The ATN Album File: Vitapup's An Hour With Vitapup

Vitapup, An Hour With Vitapup

(Plump Records)

Vitapup, a New York-based trio, is smarter than your

average hardcore band. Indeed, Vitapup embodies for me what hardcore should be

all about‹great hooks, killer riffs, all played at a speed that makes any

normal person check his stereo to make sure that everything's set to the


speed. Complete with mosh parts, rants against authority, and gratuitous

swearing, no-one would mistake Vitapup for anything less than a hardcore band;

but on song after song they transcend their roots with smart lyrics, saran-wrap

tight melodies, and collective tongues planted firmly in cheek. Also check out

their live show if they haven't already passed through your's

not to be missed.