WBCN Rumble Rumbles On

And then there were two. Quintaine Americana and Trona will face

off Thursday night (May 23) in the finals of Boston's WBCN Annual Rock n'


Rumble. For a while, it looked like it could be a regular monkey fight. When

Christian Dyas' Trona (this writer's new-wave choice of litter) won Friday

night's semi-final, there has a chance he would meet up with another former

member Orangutang, now in Jocobono, who played in Saturday's semis. But

it was

not to be: Q.A., a hard-edged Primus-meets-Sabbath type deal, beat out Turkish

Delight, Jocobono, and the Gravel Pit. I'm betting on Trona in the finals.