Squeeze Out A Tear For Dead Milkmen

ATN staffer Jennie Yabroff reports: They made us laugh, they made us cry,

they made us look at Camaros in a whole new light. But sadly, the Dead

Milkmen are no more. Our D.M. Newsletter No. 59 informs us that the Milkmen

have parted ways, due to strife caused by the various labels they've been

signed to, and general exhaustion and exasperation with band life. Basically,

they just don't wanna be a band anymore. So the band that brought us classics

like "Bitchin' Camaro" and "Punk Rock Girl," the band that started life as a

fake zine and became a musical force to be reckoned with (well, maybe after a

few beers) is putting out one more album, Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)

and then packing it in. The album due in stores October 24th, is "chockfull

of everything the Milkmen fan has come to expect: sarcasm, fun, and clever

song writing. "It features the songs "Helicopter Interiors, " "Don't Deny

Your Inner Child," "Chaos Theory," and the intriguing "The Girl With The

Strong Arm." Director Adam Bernstein, of It's Pat! fame (but we

won't hold that against him) directed the video for the first single, "Peter

Bazooka." Future projects for individual Milkmen include a band for vocalist

Rodney Anonymous (Burn Witch Burn), a band for guitarist Joe Jack Talcum

(tentatively called Touch Me Zoo), a masters degree for bassist Dave Blood,

and big bucks in the world of commercial art for drummer Dean Clean. We're

suspecting Dean will have to change his name if he wants to get anywhere in

the world. Ironically, the Milkmen began as a joke, with Talcum creating the

band in a fanzine and making up the names for the members: the drummer was

Peter Puke, bassist Jake Jiles, keyboardist Johnny Keys O'Neil, and their

manager was named Pope. As real live musicians joined the band, they replaced

their fictitious counterparts, but the band name stuck. The Dead Milkmen

released 11 albums between their 1982 formation and their present demise, and

garnered a wide cult following on the college scene with 1986's Eat Your

Paisley! In the final newsletter Anonymous lists the reasons for the

Milkmen's demise as: "1) Our first record was successful....2) I stopped

swearing on the records, .... and 3) I should have shot a few people, like

that guy who arranged for a cow to be at one of our record signings." We

couldn't agree more. The Milkmen will be missed.