Motorhead -- One Helluva Alarm Clock!!!

It's 6 o'clock in the morning, Friday the 13th of March. I awake.

Shit! Why? Feeling nice and primal, I put on a pot of Starbucks

coffee, Sumatra, my favorite (have a cuppa, as they say in

England), slap on the new Motorhead CD for pure, pleasurable

listening and review, I hope. And what a better way to wake up!!!

(real audio excerpt:) Good Morning Mr. Ramone!

This record marks a new beginning!!! They've obviously spent a lot

of time on it, but not too much time. I've been a fan since 1977 --

the live show always blows my brains and guts out, with pure

thunderous wit and passion!!! But I've been losing interest of late,

record-wise. Their records were becoming the same old, same

old. But this record is a turning point.

What makes this Motorhead album different from all other

Motorhead records? It breaks new ground. It's pure, classic

Motorhead, but much, much more. Excellent production by

Howard Benson, co-produced by Motorhead ... it's the real deal.

This three-piece lineup rivals the original, which had the same

intensity. But the three-piece is much more natural in its separation

of the instrumentation. Well-crafted songs, great lyrics and vocals.

Lemmy is a totally unique character and genuine diamond geezer

on and offstage -- the Notorious Thunderbass God!!! Great

drumming by Mikkey Dee, and the guitar work by Phil Campbell is

awesome: he does some amazing solos. They sound like a real

killer band with a nice, tight, molten sound. This lineup works

much better than in the days of yore -- they spent the time to get it


The photo of the band on the back of the CD kind of says it all.

They all seem genuinely happy (smiling even). The new material

exudes the influences and feelings of some of the greatest

individualistic styles -- Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, MC5

and the Ramones -- you can find it right here.

The first song, "Love For Sale," is an exciting, thunderous and

infectious romp, a great lead-off song, you bet your ass. "Dogs Of

War" is death metal in a way only Motorhead can deliver it. "Snake

Bite Love" is extremely infectious, as its name implies -- love that

Lemmy lyrical wit. "Assassin" slays. "Take The Blame," another

killer track, features some nice keyboards -- Alice Cooper or Deep

Purple anyone?? Politico bastards!!! "Dead And Gone" is the first

ballad. And "Don't Lie To Me" has a definite Chuck Berry influence

running through it. "Joy Of Labour" is a favorite, and could be a

single as far as I am concerned. "Desperate For You" has a clever

chorus -- "I'm a desperado, desperate for you." The last song is

"Better Off Dead."

Eleven classics. Count 'em.

(real audio excerpt:) Attention, '90s punk-rock/metal clueless: Fuck the Bullshit. This

album could be your ticket. THIS is the real deal.