'The Stakes': Orlando

A special episode of our (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to MTV's "The Stakes." We've been working pretty much nonstop since Sunday morning to bring you news out of Orlando — we haven't thought or talked about much else — so what we have for you today is not our usual romping frolic of a show. What you'll hear in this episode is what we think we do best: letting people tell their stories. Coming up:

Part 1: Julie Zeilinger interviews Alex Sierra, a member of Orlando's LGTBQ community, about the importance of Pulse and spaces like it.

Part 2: Marcus Ellsworth speaks on the importance of recognizing victims as not just queer, but as Latinx as well.

Part 3: Doreen St. Félix interviews DJ Oscar Nñ of Papi Juice about the role of intentional, queer, and POC spaces in building community and solidarity.

Part 4: Mukta Mohan speaks to Alexei Romanoff, a survivor of the Black Cat Tavern riots of 1967.

Part 5: Ana Marie Cox asks Dan Savage to help us understand this act of violence in the context of the past few decades in the gay rights movement.

Part 6: Jane Coaston explains what LGTBQ spaces have meant to her.

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